"...wonderful acting given by Vivian Kerr, as she manages to eloquently portray Charlotte’s mixed, seemingly repressed, feelings...we truly see Kerr’s Hollywood potential... The emotion with which this scene is fueled seems so real, it feels almost intrusive to watch, yet at the same time it retains that almost indefinable, ‘stiff upper lip’ quality, that’s oh so British...utterly touching... " - Film Snobbery, "Lines"

"...there's a depth to Vivian Kerr's performance that wears the truth of her life even for those things that don't unfold within the framework of the film
. It feels like it has been built layer upon layer....Kerr displays a tremendous ear for authentic dialogue while also embracing a rare gift for the use of pauses and silence...deeply felt...inspired performances... "
- The Independent Critic, "Lines"

"A great twist...Kerr really transforms herself from the meek, frightened roommate at the beginning of the episode into a madwoman..."
- Screenrant, "Castle"

         "One of the performances of the evening was Vivian Kerr, beautifully understated..." - LA Talk Radio

            "Critic's Choice!...Vivian Kerr's vivid Mary Warren...a seamless, selfless ensemble, nobody who values riveting, meaningful theater can afford to miss it."
- Los Angeles Times

         "Superb support comes from the entire ensemble, particularly Vivian Kerr as a morally conflicted youth." - Backstage

         "...Kerr possesses a vivacious esprit that spins, when needed, into the requisite arrogance that accompanies sanctimonious betrayal...terrific performances..." - LA Weekly

         "The women offer strong performances: Kerr's Erifila is a closet spitfire in maidenly clothing..." - Backstage

         "...the ensemble drapes a madcap frolic worthy of Benny Hill...Vivian Kerr gives Erifila enormous energy, imbuing her role with the vaudevillian instincts of a Vivian Vance.." - Edge LA

Web Series
         "...intelligent and hilarious, and already garnering a lot of attention after only five outlandish and surreal as’s young, it’s fresh and it’s web series I want more of..." - Pop Culture Monster

" of the fresher and better-written comedies I’ve seen recently...mining hungover mornings and near escapes from rape and murder for maximum funny...the relationship between Elle and Marci gains in depth and complexity..." - New TeeVee

"...a clever bit of writing... the slapstick stuff is really funny, and de Barros
and Kerr both play it very well...the fact that they are both so charming makes you want to root for them." - CliqueClack

"...the adorable pair of de Barros and Kerr...showcased their charm as's fun, it's brash, it's sexy...hilariously flawed twenty-something characters..." - Digital Chick TV

         "There is a genuine chemistry between the two leads, played with a lovable charm that adds to the authentic feel..." -

         "This comedic-existential crisis has a feminist bent to differentiates itself from other webseries through its attention to comedic detail" - Televisual

         "Reminiscent of the indie version of WB’s Echo Park rock drama Rockville, CA...a  web series worth clicking on!" - Tubefilter

Watch Season 1 of "We Are with the Band" here!
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